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Machine Listing - Duplex Rewinders

IEN 123974
Speed 500 FPM
Manufacturer Dusenbury
Year (age) 1993
Equipment Class Dual Turret Center Rewind
Model 635

  30" Dusenbery Model 635 duplex center rewind dual turret slitter rewinder. Age 1993. Machine designed for converting typewriter ribbons, semi-transfer tape & thin films. Designed for narrow slits, small diameter rewind. Unwind station. Nip roll. Driven bowed roll. Drive motor on unwind. Unwind tension controlled by pneumatic loaded dancer roll. Liter trailer assembly done either manually or automatically. Dusenbery Model 632 liter trailer. Razor slitting in air. Two position turret duplex rewind stations. Each mandrel easily removed. Set up for locked core rewinding. Machine perimeters maximum web width 750mm. Maximum rewind dia. 150mm, 6" rewind. Maximum core inside 88mm. Maximum mechanical speed 500 FPM. Maximum unwind dia. 600mm. Unwind core 3" & 6" core chucks shaftless. Machine has been slitting multiple widths from 1.5mm to 168mm. Materials were being rewound on both plastic cores & paper cores. 208/380/440 voltage, 3 phase, 50 or 60 cycle. Rewind shafts are driven by (1) DC drive motor. Unwind with 1 drive motor. Dancer controlled tension on unwind. Pull rolls with 1 drive motor. DC motors. Model 80 tension control manufactured by Barnes & Barrel. Has been slitting & rewinding thermal transfer most recently. Lenze drives & motors 3 motor drive. Timing belts. Approx. (30) sets of razor blade holders. Slitting in air, (8) rewind mandrels, 1". (7) rewind mandrels for 1.5" air shafts. Has been run on 208 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase most recently. Single position unwind. Air chucking on unwind. Idlers in machine are 32" wide. Inspection light system after unwind before splicing section. Erhart & Leimar automatic edge guiding. Tension control. Counter. Rewind tension control for diameter material thickness control. Has been slitting & rewinding biaxially-oriented polypropylene thermal transfer product with approx. 35 microns total weight, 20 microns thick carrier and 15 microns of coating. Machine has slit & rewound polyester & standard polyethylene. Good mechanical condition. Driven unwind gives high acceleration rate no stretching of sensitive films. Dancer roll controlled. Tension maintained for splicing.