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Machine Listing - Poly Bag Machines

IEN 124017
Manufacturer Windmoeller & Hoelscher
Type Heavy-Duty PE Gusseted Bags
Equipment Class Form Fill and Seal Machine
Size Bag Sizes 20kg or 25kg
Model Diamant 7330
Capacity 1200 Bags/Hr

  1200 Bag/Hr. Sack and Filling Machine, Windmoeller & Hoelscher, Diamant 7330, Capacity: 1200 Bags/Hr. at Bag Sizes 20kg or 25kg. This machine serves for fully automatic feeding, filling and sealing of heavy-duty PE gusseted bags. The line consists of the filling section, the bag forming section and an unwind unit to accommodate reels of plain or printed gusseted tubing. The Diamant Type 7330 forms the bag, fills then seals to complete this process. Included is an A.M. Lock & Company Metalcheck 9 Metal Detector which scans all bags in the process. Next there is a Sacking Scale by Parsons, Model EM4, Two Unit Duplex Style Weighing. Followed by the Palletizer manufactured by Mollers the ‘PLS’ palletizer has a capacity of 40 Pallets/Hr. stacking 60 Bags/Pallet. The Stretch Wrapper is a Wraptec 40 by Poly-Bro Inc. (20 Pallets/Hr. @ 60 bags each). Includes Elevator Conveyor Prior to Palletizer and Switch Gear Control Cabinets. This complete line is suitable for the bagging of free-flowing granular and flaky products which, due to their relatively low dust content, do not affect the heat-seal-ability of the bag material (head seam). The filled bags are quasi square-shaped and thus do perfectly palletize.