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Machine Listing - Two Roll Calenders

IEN 118023
Manufacturer Farrell Kuster
Speed 2500 FPM
Type Inline
Trim 81" (2057mm)
Equipment Class Calendering Equipment

  81" (2057mm) Appleton machine embossing / calendering system.  Presently set up as an inline calender station.  Bottom roll is the swimming roll, non-driven swimming roll manufactured by Farrell Kuster.  Age 1970. Swimming roll face length 82".  Roll face dia. 14.875".  Shell material is 1035 steel.  Steel hardness 150-190 BHN.  Nip pressure 50-1500 PLI. Internal roll pressure 186 PSI max., 5 PSI minimum.  Max. design speed 2500 FPM.  2-roll system.  Has been used as a calender or embosser. Bottom roll is loaded up to top roll by hydraulic cylinders.  Maximum nip pressure, 1500 PLI, at approx. 1500 PSI.  Swimming roll oil system is designed to deflect the shell creating a flat nip up to 1500 PLI load on a stack.  Internal oil pressure system is sized to approx. 140 PSI. Mount Hope bowed roll.  Skew roll.  Dancer roll.  Variable speed DC drive motor, 50 HP Reliance, 240 volt, 1150-2100 RPM, with Falk gear reducer box 5:1 ratio.  No controller for drive motor.  Includes Farrell hydraulic unit for loading swim roll.  Operator system for the Kuster system.  Includes 5 steel rolls & 3 swimming rolls.  Original owner was embossing & calendering paper grades from 45-100 lbs. per 3,000 square feet.  Steel rolls; 82" wide, 18" diameter is the top roll, constructed from forged steel, bored, machined.  Journal is keyed for the drive coupling.  Top roll is driven roll for the stack.  Steel rolls are drilled.  Steel rolls have rotary unions & bearing blocks. Steel rolls can be heated or chilled.  Some steel rolls are chrome plated.