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Machine Listing - Rotary Sheeters

IEN 124015
# of Unwinds Eight (8)
Width 65"
Manufacturer Jagenberg
Model 35-165DL
Equipment Class Synchro-Fly Sheeter
Year (age) 1992

  65” Jagenberg Synvrt 35-165DL Synchro-Fly Sheeter; Type: Synvrt 35-165DL; Year: 1992; Main Drive: Siemans- Simadyn D-Digital System; Speed: 1000 Fpm; Tolerance: +/- 1/64”; Sheet Size Range: 17” To 65”; Min. Slit Width: 16.75; Electricals: 60 Hertz / 460V; Number Of Slitters: 3 Jagenberg TruSlit; Decurling: Double Decurlers With Multiple Diameters; Backstands: 8 Units – 4 On Each Side; Max. Roll Diameter: 72” For A Set of 2 Rolls; 60” for a Set of 4 Rolls; Min. Roll Width: 20”; Max. Stack Height: 60”; Backstand Chuck Sizes: 3”, 5”, 6”, 12”. The Jagenburg 35-165DL is Equipped with a Palleto-Mat, which Permits Complete Automatic Operation. The Finished Skid is Removed and the New Skid is Positioned to Receive Sheets Without Operator Intervention. The 8 Position Unwind Stand is Designed as aTurntable. The Unit has 4 Rolls Stands on each Side and is Rotated after the First Set of Rolls has been consumed. The Two Decurlers have Different Diameter Decurler Bars. One Size Bar is Used for Paper Grades, While The Second Iis Used for Board Grades. Includes Roll Diameter Sensor, Allowing the Unwind to Automatically Stop Leaving a Tail for Splicing on the Next Roll. Includes Automatic Splice Detection. Maintenance and Operational Diagnostics. Includes 3 Jagenberg Tru-Slit Slitters for Trimming and Slitting and/or Splitting. Capable of Sheeting Lightweight Papers or Heavy Weight Board with Excellent Quality. Automatic Length and Square Settings. Includes Drag Link Gearing that Extends Knife Life and Provides aBetter Cut for Heavy Weight Grades. Machine can still be seen on operation as of Summer 2013.