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Machine Listing - Guillotine Cutters

IEN 123976
Equipment Class Guillotine Cutter
Model Senator
Year (age) 1989
Manufacturer Schneider
Type Fully Automatic Loading and Stacking.

  52" Schneider Senator hydraulic guillotine cutter with loading, jogging & restacking system.  Includes conveyor systems going in & out of the cutter line.  Includes (1) Schneider pallet lifter, (1) Schneider jogger, (1) 52" Schneider Senator guillotine cutter with air tables and (1) Schneider restacker.  Was cutting offset printed paper.  Age of converting line 1989.  All components & pieces manufactured by Schneider.  240 volt, 50 or 60 cycle.  Approx. (5) spare knives.  Two sections of 15-ft. conveyor going to the cutter and away from the cutter.  First inline is 15-ft. conveyor.  Then pallet lifter, 1000 kg, Schneider Type PLEQ, approx. 41"x52" lift system; allows you to elevate pallets.  Second inline is Schneider jogger Model SR 1574; jogger system has pneumatically driven air removal rollers, 55"x40".  Has height adjustable for roller plates.  Processing direction, left / right. Table angle & jogging intensity are all adjustable.  Left & right-side flaps are operated pneumatically.  Air removal roller of the PROFI line jogger Type 77.  Air removal speed & pressure is adjustable.  Maximum height of product is 6.5".  Next inline is 52" Schneider Senator hydraulic guillotine cutter, Model 132MC.  Approx. 52" back stop.  High-speed, fully hydraulic, high performance cutter.  Fully hydraulic drive. Infrared safety curtain.  Air film table with stainless steel surface, rustproof.  Central lubrication system.  Clamp pressure adjustable. Feed depth, 52".  Clamp opening, approx. 6.5".  Has front air table & side table.  Clamp pressure, 400 to 4,500 da.  Schneider cutter has upgraded computer installed for controlling the cutoff.  The Boss manufactured by Pavyer Auto Cut Control AC Technology Corporation Model M1210SB.  Next inline is Schneider restacker, Model CH8604.  Restacker Type 2551. High-speed cutter pushes the process material onto the table.  It is positioned at loading height.  The material is lined up against the back stop & the lower lateral edge.  Machine automatically restacks material onto skid.  Time for one work cycle approx. 25 to 37 seconds.  Fully automatic operation for mark-free, completely aligned stacking. Materials are clamped from two sides, making movements impossible.  High quality.  Adjustable table height.  One man operation.