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Machine Listing - Center Wind Rewinders

IEN 123992
Manufacturer John Dusenbury
Speed 1200 FPM
HP 50 HP
Size 72" x 50" Diameter
# of Unwinds One (1)
Width 72"
Equipment Class Unwinds
Model 704AD / 601AL

  72” Width x 50” Diameter Unwind and Rewind of same dimensions with solid state controls and drives: **** (1) UNWIND: 72" Width x 50” Diameter, John Dusenbery Model 704AD single position unwind stand.  Automatic edge guiding system with pneumatic sensor by North American.  Unwind can move +/- 3" total of 6" in movement.  Manual skew adjustment.  (1) 2" solid-steel unwind shaft.  Double E, 5" air core plugs.  76" wide idlers on unwind.  50 HP General Electric DC motor either brakes or drives material.  5,000 lb rolls.  **** (1) REWIND 72" John Dusenbery Model 601AL single position center rewind, rewind station.  50" dia. rewind.  2.5" solid-steel rewind shaft with 5" air core plug manufactured by Double E.  50 HP General Electric DC motor set up for taper tension rewinding.  5000 lb rolls.  There is a third 50 HP GE motor included.  Drives updated in 1993.  Solid-state controls. Allen Bradley drive controls.  Digital DC drives.  460 volt, 60/50 cycle, 3 phase.  Unwind & rewind were part of an embossing line; embossing section sold.  Was embossing at 1200 FPM.  Was rewinding paper.  Includes complete electric documents, has electrical drawings & information.  This unwind / rewind could be put inline with a printer, waxer, embosser, coater, laminator.  Could rewind paper, laminates, film, nonwovens, tissue, fabrics, flexible materials.  Idlers are small diameters lightweight.  The driven unwind allows for light-weight & heavy-weight materials.