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Machine Listing - Center Surface Winders

IEN 124013
Manufacturer Arrow
Capacity 50" Rewind Dia.
Year (age) 1983
Equipment Class Center Surface Rewinder
Model Model 2000
Width 83"
Speed 2500 FPM

  83" Arrow Model 2000 center surface rewind slitter rewinder with closed loop constant surface winding system.  Age 1983.  Can be run as surface or center surface winder.  Maximum speed 2500 FPM.  87" wide rolls. Maximum rewind dia. 50".  Maximum unwind dia. 50".  Single position detached unwind Model 452 shaftless floor pickup unwind stand, 50" dia. roll.  Fife automatic edge guiding.  +/- 3".  8.5-83" width of rolls on unwind.  6" chucks air brake.  Maximum roll weight 7,000 lbs.  PA auto tension system with transducer.  Fife automatic edge guiding with pneumatic sensor.  Shear slitting.  (28) driven female back rotary shear cut knives.  (10) Tidland Class 1 male knives.  Female knife bar mounted in quick release latches.  (3) spare female knife bars.  Fixed bowed is placed after the unwind, before the slitting section to provide wrinkle removal prior to slitting.  (2) spreader Bingham.  Rolls placed after the slitting station & before the rewind section for slit separation & eliminates interleaving.  Automatic counter to provide for automatic stopping.  50 HP Reliance variable speed regenerative motor with acceleration & deceleration.  50 HP motor drives rewind shaft.  20 HP motor drives pull roll & slitting section.  20 HP motor drives surface winding roll.  Shackleton SSD solid-state controls DC drives. 460 volt, 3 phase, 60/50 cycle.  Controls / drives have been updated in 1999. Rewind station has pivoting arms to support the winding shaft & helps to deposit finished roll on floor level without using hoist system. Delivers finished rewound rolls onto roll cart.  Quick release safety latches contain the winding shaft.  Constant center surface winding mode.  Driven rubber-covered winding drum has 20 HP motor to drive the roll winding drum is mounted on pivots & pneumatically loaded against the rewind mandrel.  As the rewinding roll diameter increases, the winding drum pivots against its air cylinders, this motion is detected by a sensitive rewind mandrel arm to move outward.  Ball screw controls position of the rewind arms.  5 HP DC motor SSD.  Electronic control of the position of the rewound roll.  The result is the maintenance of a preset constant surface pressure regardless of the roll weight of the diameter of the rewinding roll.  Neoprene covered pull roll located prior to the winding drum effectively isolates the unwind from the rewind tension.  All transmission elements are guarded; timing belts are used.  (2) 6" OD air expanding button type rewind mandrels. (2) 3" OD air expanding button type rewind mandrels.  Includes rewind roll handling system consisting of a hydraulic lift table which rewound rolls are placed on and a shaft extractor & core box.  Hydraulic lift table has V top.  Shaft extractor is located next to the lift table. Motorized puller & pneumatic shaft plant.  High-speed slitting & rewinding up to 2500 FPM.  Precision tension control as low as .1 PLI.  Machine was built & designed for converting papers, boards, nonwovens, fiberglass, laminates, coated papers, nonwovens.  Used as re-reeler by many companies.  Most recently used to slit & rewind fax / thermal paper, carbon paper, dielectric kraft 3.5 mills thick opaque & translucent.  8.5" wide slit widths.  Unique closed loop constant surface winding system allows rewinder to handle wide range of materials & a variety of roll widths & sizes with constant control of the web tension & roll density all at speeds up to 2500 FPM.  Due to the roll lowering system & floor pickup on the unwind, no hoists are needed.  Model 2000 has heavy-duty 3" plate side frames.