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Machine Listing - Tissue Interfolders

IEN 126406
# of Knives Two (2)
Manufacturer PCMC multifold
Equipment Class Z-Fold, Interfold Hand Towel Folder
Model P1541B-B3546-86
Length 9.25" Cutoff
Speed 300'/Min
Rolls Two (2)
Quantity One (1)
Diameter 70"
# of Unwinds One (1)
Width 30"

  30" PCMC Multifold, Z-Fold, Interfold Hand Towel Folder. Rebuilt by ATC Corporation, P1541B-B3546-86. Single Position Detached Unwind. HasManual Side Adjustment Edge Guiding, +/- 3". Manual Adjustable Clamp Brake. 70" Diameter Roll on Unwind. Floor Pickup. Manual Pickup. (1) Solid Steel Unwind Shaft with 3" Core Adapters. 30" Industrial Engraving Embosser, Steel-To-Steel, Matched Embossing Rolls. (2) Rolls, Diamond Pattern, 10" Diameter Rolls, 31" Face Width, Air-Loaded Embossing Rolls. Bottom Embossing Roll is Driven Through Variable Speed Pulley. Mount Hope Bowed Roll. HasCounter and Marker System That Sprays a Product on Hand Towels as they Are Delivered at a Set Count. Knurled Pull Rolls. 9.25" Cutoff. Knife Roll is 2-Around. Has(6) Air-Loaded Ply Bonding Wheels. (2) Air-Loaded Score Cut Knives for Slitting the Web. Web is Unwound, Embossed, Cutoff, Then Slit & Interfolded and Folded. Folding Drums Are 4-Around. Set Up for 3.15" Finished Folded Dimension. All Rolls in Folder Are 33" Wide. 68" Long Delivery Table with (7) Delivery Belts. Former Owner was Slitting 9.5" Wide, Cutting off At 9.25" Finished Dimension, 3.15" Folded, 9.5" Wide. Gears Are in Good Condition. Former Owner Indicates Machine was Operating at approx. 300 Feet Per Minute. Serial # on Industrial Engraving Steel-To-Steel Rolls is 635200I8118. Machine was Overhauled & Rebuilt in 1986. Marker Counter, Electronic Counter. Allan Bradley, 460 Volt, 3 Phase, Variable Drive. 5 HP Motor.