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Machine Listing - Bath and Towel Wrappers

IEN 126408
Equipment Class Bath Tissue Wrapper
Speed 80 Wraps/Min
Model Cal80R
Diameter 4.25"-4.75"
Width 4"- 4.5"
Quantity One (1)
Manufacturer Lawton

  Lawton Model Cal80R Roll Feed, Single Roll, Household Bath Tissue Wrapper. Wraps Individual Rolls of Household Tissue Rolls in Paper. the Standard Wrapper is Capable of Mechanical Speeds of 80 Wraps Per Minute. Typical Production Speed, 65 to 70 Per Minute. Equipped with Lawton Roll Feed Attachment with Sheeter. Unwind Takes 18" Diameter Rolls of Paper, 3" Cores. Belt-Driven Unwind, 4.5" Wide Belt. Steel-To-Rubber Pull Roll Section. 19" Wide Sheeter Knife. EMP System 200 Electric Eye; Controls the Cutoff of Sheeter. Can Use Printed Wrapping Paper; Will Sheet on Mark. Vacuum Assist System Helps to Transfer Sheeted Paper to Wrapping Station. Vacuum Feed System. (8) 4.5" Cups. Typically Can Vary the Diameter of Roll .25" Lower or Higher. OB Series Wrappers have Adjustments to Handle 4" to 4.5" Wide Rolls. Elevator & Top Plunger. Crimper & Side Plungers. Eject Arms. 8-Foot Long Infeed Conveyor. with Cups That Are Presently in the Machine, Will Handle Rolls from 4.25" to 4.75" Diameter. If Different Diameter Rolls Are Needed to be Wrapped, Then the Purchase of Different Size Cups Can be Made. Typical Operating Speed for Lawton Wrapper is 65 to 70 Wraps Per Minute; this is Dependent Upon OperatorÕs Skill, Roll of Tissue, Wrapper Material, Environment & Condition of Machine. AC Variable Speed Drive. AF-300 Micro Square D Controller. 3 HP AC Motor, 460 Voltage. Lincoln Oiler. G.E. Fanuc Series 90-30 PLC. Regenerative Blower Used with Vacuum System. Good Mechanical.