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Machine Listing - Duplex Rewinders

IEN 126131
Type Center Wind
Year (age) 1991
Diameter 24" Rewind
Model 338 MCS
Manufacturer Stanford
Equipment Class Duplex Slitter Rewind

  70” Stanford Model 338 MCS duplex center rewind slitting & rewinding machine. Age 1991. Designed for flexible packaging, paper, film, laminations. Up to 1000 FPM. Model 338 features two drive motors. Smooth, no step operation with controlled acceleration / deceleration. (4) zones of rewind tension control. Automatic web guiding. Automatic unwind tension. Expanding roll. Density control of rewinding rolls using air-loaded layon rolls. Lift-out rewind shafts. Reliance controllers. One 7.5 HP DC drive motor for slitting section & pull roll. One 15 HP Reliance DC drive motor for both rewind shafts. 230 volt, single phase, 50/60 cycle. Attached single position unwind. Fife automatic edge guiding system, +/- 3” for automatic web guiding. Automatic tension control on brake. 9” Tidland, air-cooled, air-operated brake. Has manual skew adjustment. One 3” air Tidland unwind shaft. Set of 6” air chucks. 36” dia. roll on unwind. Width of idler rolls / pull rolls are 72”, aluminum with cork covering & rubber pull rolls. Two differential rewind shafts with core adaptors for 3” & 6” cores. Air-loaded differential rewinding which allows rewinding of off-caliper materials at high speeds. (4) sets of air-loaded layon rolls; can vary the amount of pressure down which helps to build tighter rolls. Shear cut slitting. Female knife bar is driven. (64) female shear cut knives. 3” minimum slit width. (9) male shear cut knives, dovetail mounted. Also includes two razor blade holders, slitting in air. Maximum roll diameter on rewind, 24”. Maximum roll weight on rewind, 1500 lbs. Machine should not exceed 1000 FPM. Can be used for slitting & rewinding pressure-sensitive laminates, papers, light board & nonwovens.