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Machine Listing - Lab Calender

IEN 124004
Type Sheet Fed
Size 0-30 FPM
Width 12" Width
Capacity 800 PLI
Equipment Class Lab Calender
Year (age) 1999
Manufacturer B.F. Perkins

  12" B.F. Perkins sheet fed laboratory calender.  Age 1999.  B.F. Perkins has been purchased by Standex Engraving out of Richmond, Virginia.  Maximum design pressure 800 PLI 5 tons 0-30 FPM. Heat system 356 degrees Fahrenheit.  180 degree centigrade.  Paper, board, nonwovens, textiles.  Two roll calender; each roll is heated. Heating can be varied.  13" wide rolls, 6" dia. steel rolls.  Variable electric heating of each roll.  Watlow heat controls.  Two rolls are geared together.  Micro stop nip gap adjustable.  Bottom steel roll is hydraulically loaded up against the fixed top roll.  Hydraulic pump & reservoir.  Drive motor & controller.  1 HP variable speed drive, 208 / 230 / 460 voltage, 50 or 60 hertz.  General Electric variable speed controller.  Fuji Electric AF300 micro saber II controller.  Total RAM area = 6.28sq inches.  The roll assembly = 140 lbs.  PSI gauge reading goes from 23 to 2,000.  Total force pounds goes from 150-12,560 force pounds.  Nip load at 13" face is PLI of zero to 955.  When gauge reading PSI is 23 the total force pounds is 150 and the nip load at 13" face PLI is zero.  When the gauge reading PSI is 2,000 the total force pounds is 12,560 and the nip load at the 13" face PLI is 955.  Age of machine is 1999.  Machine is in like-new condition.  Was calendaring nonwovens materials.