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Machine Listing - Two Drum Winders

IEN 123968
Width 56"
Speed 750 FPM

  56" Faustel 2-drum surface rewind single shaft rewinder. Was inline with a laminator operating at approx. 750 FPM. Was rewinding film paper laminations. Smooth steel bedrolls. Face width of bedrolls 56". Bedrolls are geared together & are timing-belt driven. 10" dia. bedrolls. Has upper rider roll; upper rider roll is not driven. 68" wide steel upper rider roll, 6" dia. Tol-O-Matic cylinders; one on each side for air assist. Air cylinders lift or press down upper rider roll. Air cylinders control amount of downward pressure of upper rider roll which assures tightly wound rolls. No rewind shafts included. 61.5" wide, 4" dia. Mount Hope bowed roll system. Mechanical speeds up to 1000 FPM. Maximum rewind weight 5000 lbs. Maximum rewind 60" dia. 10 HP Baldor DC drive, 240 volt. No controller included with drive motor. Rewinder could be used for paper, laminations & board. Was operated with 3" rewind shafts. Purchased new in 1980. (2) 58" wide, 4" dia. aluminum idlers. Could be used inline with coater, laminator, printer & waxer. Because of smooth bedrolls, sensitive materials can be rewound.