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Machine Listing - Two Drum Winders

IEN 126808
Diameter 62 in. Rewind
Type Surface Rewind
Equipment Class Surplus Slitter Rewinder
Trim 122 in. Web Width
Manufacturer Cameron / GL&V
Width 126 in. Bed Rolls

  122” Cameron Model T458 2-drum surface rewind slitter rewinder. This machine is in like-new condition. Was overhauled & rebuilt by GL&V in 2006 and has been used very little since that time. In 2008, new drives, controls & motors were installed; machine was refurbished. Spent approximately $600,000 on rebuild. Machine includes a driven unwind stand, slitting & rewinding section, J-table roll lowering system & trim blower. No baler; was shipped to another plant. 122” wide, 72” diameter rolls on unwind. 62" diameter rolls on rewind. Was designed for basis weight of 19 to 35 gsm. Line speed 4,000 feet per minute. Web tension, 1 to 2 PLI. Maximum tension 244 lbs. Minimum tension 122 lbs. Cameron SMP shaftless floor pickup unwind. 3” core chucks. Unwind is driven. Two motors. Two 50 HP drive motors. Auto tension. Fife automatic edge guide. Upper rider roll is driven. Two 5 HP motors; one on each side of rider roll. Two 50 HP drive motors; one for front bedroll drum and one for back bedroll drum. Shear cut slitting. (5) sets of shear cut knives. Tidland III shear knives. Rockwell Automation is manufacturer of drive. Maximum rewind is 62”. Rewind cores, 3” & 6”. Fiber cores. Surface rewinding. Shaftless rewinding. Mount Hope bowed roll. Roll ejector. Idler & bedrolls are 126” wide. Original age of winder approximately 1975. Includes hydraulic unit. Machine is in the process of being taken apart and put into storage. Honeywell computer & program is there. Includes control Logix PLC, AC drive, transformer. Does not include MCC motor control center, all of the starters for the motors. Available documentation included.