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Machine Listing - Rotary Sheeters

IEN 123737
Year (age) 1983
Type (3) Shear Slitters
Equipment Class Sheeters
Size 15-60" Sheet length
Model R50 Simplex
Manufacturer Moore & White
Width 50"
Capacity (2) Piles

  50" Moore & White R50 Simplex rotary sheeter.  Age 1983.  Moore & White shaftless floor pickup unwind. 12-16" core plugs. 72" OD rolls.  13.5" air-operated, air-controlled, air-cooled brake, brake on one side. Unwind stand has manual push button edge guiding for moving unwind left & right approx. 6".  Moore & White pressure type decurl unit.  Ability to rotate the decurl roll & its supporting mechanism around the peripher upper rubber-covered roll into which the decurl roll is pressed under pressure with the web in-between.  The most effective decurl possible on various grades of paper & paperboard.  Unit can correct reverse curl changed remotely.  Decurl unit gives savings due to reduced waste.  (3) sets of shear cut knives Tidland Series II.  15" OD cutoff knife.  Air loaded.  Rubber-covered chevron grooved pull roll.  Cutoff; 15-60". Sheet length changes are made by means of a hand wheel.  Cutoff changes can be made when the cutter is in operation.  Sheet length can be accurately maintained within +/- 1/32" +/- .8mm.  (3) Dynapar Series A counters; (1) for FPM, (1) for sheet length & (1) for sheet count.  Knife jam photo eye system turns off machine if have a jam up. Electronic sheet length readout enables operator to observe the cut length can be used with or without running paper assists with setting cutoff.  Overlapper tape section.  (3) sets of tapes in the overlapper. High-speed tapes, top tapes, low speed tapes.  Two Speedcon PIV's allow you to vary the speed of the tapes.  One PIV controls the top tapes, one PIV controls the bottom tapes.  Moore & White layboy system designed to lay up the sheets into a pile & jog the sheets until the sides are even at the same time lower the pile.  Auto lowering device.  60" pile height up to 4,500 lbs maximum on layboy.  Sheeting head has screw & ratchet adjustment system for squaring the cutoff.  Design speed 750 FPM. Updated motor & drive Burton Industrial solid-state variable speed DC controller Model Speed Stat 3.  230 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle.  15 HP Burton Industries DC drive motor.  (2) AC motors on layboy section; (1) for joggers, (1) for lowering the layboy.  R50 is intermediate duty sheeter designed for wide range of paper & board on single & multiple webs up to 350 lbs or 600 gsm.  (2) spare sets of knives.  Heavy-duty bearings throughout.  Can be used for paper, laminations, board.