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Machine Listing - Rotary Sheeters

IEN 126077
Equipment Class Rotary Sheeter
Manufacturer Moore & White
Model R75
Speed 750 FPM
Capacity 60" Width
Type High Performance Sheeting

  60" Moore & White R75 rotary sheeter. 18.5" dia. cutoff knife cylinder. Manually adjustable decurler system. Intermediate duty capacity typically used by converters & paper mills. Designed for wide range of paper & paper board grades in single or multiple webs up to 500 lbs. 24 x 36-500 basis weight. 750 FPM. Draw roll section consists of large rubber-covered pressure roll which is pneumatically loaded onto a large steel driving roll. Both rolls are dynamically balanced & mounted in self-aligning antifriction bearings. Heavy cast iron construction with precision machine allied steel journals. Knife assemblies are mounted in rigid cast iron housing which enables positive accurate sheet squaring with a screw & ratchet adjustment. 15-70" cutoff. Sheeting head new in the 1980's. In 2003, approx. $60,000 was invested into the sheeting head, installed Unicom 2 motor drive Model 2400, 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle. (2) 30 HP AC drive motors were installed. One motor drives the cutoff knife. The other motor drives the pull rolls & the first tape section. Unicom upgrade is designed for high performance sheeter controls that yield optimum cut accuracy +/-1/64" throughout. Unico's AC variable speed drives give precision sheeting. Regenerative converter eliminates noise & harmonic disturbance on the incoming power lines. Drives digital signal processor base controller incorporates software designed specifically for constant velocity & cyclic sheeters. Sheeter drive operates in either a cut to length mode or cut to mark mode. In cut to mark mode the system can cut either a single mark or a mark space ratio format or a pattern recognition format. Proven electrical cut accuracies are better than +/-.005" under all conditions. Sheet controller controls a draw roll drive & constant velocity rotary cutoff. Draw roll pulls material through the machine at a velocity determined by the operator. The knife will run at a ratio of draw roll speed in order to achieve different sheet lengths if the register mark mode is selected the knife will cut relative to a mark on the web. Controller has (3) analog outputs proportional to draw roll speed to be used as commands for the high-speed & low-speed tapes & a third proportional to sheet length. Hand set ramp speeds & preset operating speeds. This machine is in very good mechanical condition. Can easily change cutoff & operating speed. Was last being used for sheeting 4-ply board by installing this cutoff section you can stop guillotining your product.