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Machine Listing - Surplus Unwinds

IEN 126400
Speed 150 Meters/Min
Rolls Two (2)
Quantity One (1)
Manufacturer Dusenbery
Width 80"
Equipment Class Unwind Stand Shaftless
Type Inline w/ Slitter Rewinder
Model 824 ND
Diameter 60"

  80" Dusenbery Model 824 ND Single Position, Shaftless Unwind Stand with Updated Automatic Edge Guiding System, Updated Automatic Tension Control System & Updated Montalvo Braking System. Maximum Length of Roll, 80" Ð 6". Maximum Diameter of Roll on Unwind, 60". Maximum Side Register Adjustment +/- 6". Maximum Movement of Tailstock Chucking 9". (1) Set of Rolling Head & Tail Stock Stands Mounted on Moving Base with Rails, Rollers & Hold-Down Bolts. Tail Stock Chucking Assembly, 9" Movement. Handwheel, Ratchet, Rack & Pinion Gearing Mounted on Moving Base. Tension Roll is Mounted on Moving Base. Heavy-Duty. Rigid Structural Design. Most Recently Being Used Inline with Slitter Rewinder. Accepts a Wide Range of Mill Roll Widths. Mounted Head & Tail Stocks Adjust Easily to All Mill Roll Widths. 8,000 Lb. Montalvo System 3000, Type S3100-CE Automatic Tension Controller. EL Automatic Electric Eye Edge Guiding System. Erhardtnleimer Type FE5002 Automatic Edge Guide. Skew Idler on Unwind. Tension Roll is Mounted on Unwind. All Idlers on Unwind Are 82" Wide, 4.5" Diameter. Montalvo Air Brake, 20" Dia. 6", 8" & 10" Core Chucks. ThisUnwind Could be Put Inline with Slitter Rewinder, Sheeter, Laminator, Coater, Flexographic Printer, Any Process. Age of Edge Guide & Automatic Tension Control System, Approx. 5 Years.