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Machine Listing - Rotary Sheeters

IEN 126069
Manufacturer Beck
Equipment Class Straight Knife Sheeter
Trim 42 inches
Model 45HP-1
Year (age) 1985
Type Single Knife

  42” Beck sheeter. Model 45 HP-1. One unwind & sheeter with layboy piler. Age 1985. Has been sheeting paper. Mechanical counter, decurler & stepless feed. Variable speed drive. Top & bottom tapes. Air-loaded pull rolls. Can vary the speed of the take-away tapes. 208/220/460 volt. Can sheet paper or film. 300 FPM. 15"-52" cutoff. Badger tag shooter for inserting tags in pile of paper being sheeted. 4-ft. high pile on layboy. Jogger on layboy. Segmented pull roll. 54" dia. roll on unwind. Horton air brake. 3" core. Manual skew of roll. Manual edge guide of unwind +/- 4". Perforation. Score cut inline. Was perforating paper for pads. 5 HP main drive motor. One motor for jogger. One motor for lowering of layboy. PIV system to vary the speed of take-away tapes. (2) Simco static eliminators. Beck roll & bar decurler for board, paper & film. Stepless feed allows for a more precise, accurate cutoff. Machine is in excellent condition.