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Machine Listing - Center Wind Rewinders

IEN 126123
Type Duplex Winder
Width 73 inches
Model 354
Equipment Class Slitter Rewinder
Diameter 24" Rewind / 30" Unw
Manufacturer Cameron

  73” Cameron Duplex Slitter Rewinder, 24” Rewind Diameter, Model 354, Year 1989, S/N: 5359. Design Speed 800 Ft/min Design Speed on non-wovens. Shaftless unwinder, chucks for core diameter 3" or 6". This is a driven unwind with 20 HP DC motor. Unwind Max Roll Diameter: 30"; Min. width: 10"; Max Width: 73"; Max Roll 1,200 Ibs. Dual Rewind shafts are a center surface winder design with 7.5 HP independent DC Motor on 3” diameter air core shafts. Interchangeable Lay-On roller, different lengths available. Core diameter 3"; Max Roll diameter: 24"; Max load is 1,200 Ibs. Main Drive: 15 HP DC motor. Edge guide system from Fife on unwinder with 12" travel. Tension control on unwinder by vertical dancer; on rewinder, by load cell and electronic system. Static Eliminator, Footage counter. Slitting done by razor blade (adjustable). Bowed roll before razor blade. One (1) Cable hoist for roll (Winder). Hydraulic system to operate winder shaft arms and unwind. Two (2) Control panels containing electronic and pneumatic components. Electronic including motors and PLC from Reliance. Documentation: Schematic, Wiring, Mechanic, Ladder program, Manuals. Crate with parts for setting the machine up.