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Machine Listing - Center Wind Rewinders

IEN 123970
Manufacturer B.F. Perkins
Width 60" Width
Type Forward/Reverse Wind
Speed 2000 FPM
Equipment Class Center Rewinder
Year (age) 1979

  60" B.F. Perkins single position unwind and single position center rewinder.  Age 1979.  2000 FPM maximum speed.  60" maximum web width. 440 voltage, 60 cycle, 3 phase.  Single position detached unwind, set up for 58" dia. rolls of material.  6" & 3" air shaft.  Safety chucks.  Two 6" dia. air-cooled, air-operated braking systems controlled by an auto tension roll  One brake per side, a total of two brakes.  Cleveland Kidder tension system for automatic tension control on unwind.  Has operator station.  Single position center rewinder.  Rewind has taper tension.  Forward or reverse rewind.  One motor on rewind.  58" dia. rewind.  Automatic edge guiding of the rewind station.  Entire rewinder side shifts.  Fife edge guide system with air sensor.  +/- 3" of guiding.  Has safety chucks.  Rewind has 60 HP Imperial electric DC drive motor.  DC solid-state controllers, Cleveland Machine Controls. Solid-state controls, Pacemaster 12.  3" & 6" air unwind/rewind shafts. Unwind & rewind were inline with a calender.  Could be put inline with printer, laminator, coater, calender, embosser, any roll-to-roll process.  This unit could be used for paper, non-wovens, board & many other products.