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Machine Listing - Two Drum Winders

IEN 123738
Model #2600
Manufacturer Richmond Industrial
Diameter 24" RewindSurface Winders
Equipment Class 2-Drum Winders
Year (age) 1998
Width 60"

  60" Richmond Industrial Model # 2600 two drum surface rewind single shaft robotic automatic transfer slitter rewinder.  New in 1998. Purchase price $420,000 US.  Single position detached unwind shaftless. Pneumatic brakes.  Automatic tension load cell Magpower TS sensors. Manual edge guiding.  Manual skew adjustment.  3" core chucks.  50" dia.  Montalvo HP6-HP26 air-operated, air-cooled brakes.  Double E chucks.  Manual edge guiding control left & right.  Mario Cotta shear cut.  Wrap shear.  Back knife shaft female is driven.  Male shear cut knives air loaded.  (13) male shear cut knife holders.  Model TSP knife holders.  3.625" minimum slit width by changing back shear cut knives can slit 2" minimum.  (1) Mount Hope spreader roll.  3" air rewind shafts, (2) rewind shafts.  Maximum rewind dia. 24".  Shafted rewinding. Automatic rider roll lift.  Automatic rider roll weight relieving system.  Originally had automatic transfer system built into the machine.  Slitter rewinder was being run in semi-automatic mode start stop has parts for automatic transfer.  Machine rewinds to preset footage.  Stops nip closes to hold paper.  Rider roll lifts.  Operator takes out rewound roll, puts new rewind shaft into machine.  Start rewind cycle rider roll comes down, nip opens machine, rewinds to preset footage & stops.  Allen Bradley Panelview 900 controls Dynapar footage display.  Eurotherm 40 HP single motor DC drive system.  Allen Bradley PLC panel view.  Eurotherm drive.  480 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle.  Minimum rewind dia. 6".  Maximum rewind dia. 24".  This machine was originally designed and was slitting & rewinding kraft paper counter rolls & capacitor tissue papers, gift wrap papers, non-extensible products.