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Machine Listing - Air Floatation Dryer

IEN 126428
Equipment Class Drying Oven
Width 76"
Manufacturer Air-Flotation
Quantity One (1)

  76" Air-Flotation Drying Oven Including Burner and (2) Blowers. (9) Idlers Also Included. ThisDryer was Inline with Wolverine Flexo Printing Station Water-Based Coatings / Inks Which was Printing and / or Coating on Poly Coated Paper At 1000 Feet Per Minute. 10-Foot Long Air-Flotation Dryer. Eclipse thermal Systems Burner, RHT-100, Contract EC20775. Oven Made of Stainless Steel. 10-Feet of Oven. Oven has (4) Electric Motors Which Pick Up and Open Dryer Approximately 8". Opening of Dryer, 83" Wide. (1) New York Blower Fan, Acf/Plr, Fan Class I-Iii, Shop # Moo815-100, Size is 27plr, 60 HP, Ac Motor, 460 Volt. Second New York Blower, Fan Model Acf/Plr, Fan Class I-III, Shop # Moo815-105, Size is 18acf, 20 HP Motor, 230/460 Voltage, 60 Cycle, 3 Phase. Includes Superstructure & Ductwork. Also Includes (9) Idlers, 80" Wide, 6" Diameter, Steel. Has4x6 Superstructure to Hold Dryer off the Ground. Idlers Allow Web to Bypass the Dryer. Good Mechanical Condition.