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Machine Listing - Lab Calender

IEN 126415
# of Unwinds Two (2)
Width 26"
Model CR-60106210
Manufacturer Konpon Kakohki
Rolls Three (3)
Diameter 24"
Equipment Class Calendering System
Quantity One (1)

  26" Konpon Kakohki Co. Ltd. manufactured in Osaka, Japan, 3-roll calendering system. 305x710. # CR-60106210. All three rolls are heated. Calender has electric motors & lead-type screws. (2) motors on two of the rolls; total of (4) motors on two rolls. Can adjust left & right side of the rolls. Indicator on each side of rolls goes to zero; this means rolls will touch. Can set the gap opening of the rolls very precisely. System is designed to calender products to exact thickness. Control the gap easily & very precisely using the motors. Was used with epoxy adhesive for tape products. Calender was used for making flashing tape for window seal, standard flashing products, window seal tape & flashing tape. Epoxy compound adhesive was delivered to the top calendering roll where product was metered, calendered, liner was introduced, product was then chilled after having been calendered two times to get proper thickness and spread. Second liner was introduced and laminated to product and then rewound. Machine is missing the center rewind station. Includes (2) unwinds and the drives for motors. Drives are approximately 6 years old. Nitto Corporation has exited this product and consequently the equipment is being sold. Parker AC variable speed drive, 690 Series with Mitsubishi 18.5 kw drive motor, 230 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle. Primary unwind is 2-position unwind for liner. Manual side shifting. Electric brake. 36" diameter roll of liner. HasLE-M tension controller for auto tension on unwind. Secondary cantilevered unwind is attached to calender stand. Haselectric brake. 3" air shaft. Guards installed. Allow 12" diameter roll if re-design guard. 24" diameter roll. Secondary unwind was used for some products. 3-roll calender; each roll is identical. 28" wide (710mm) width. 12" (305mm) diameter. All three calender rolls are heated; rolls could be heated or chilled. Center calender roll is stationary. Top & bottom calender rolls have gap adjustment with electric motors to set gap. HasHansen Patent gearbox which drives center stationary calender roll. Machine has oil circulation for bearings on three rolls. Includes pump & reservoir. As you exit the calender, have 24.5" wide, 8" diameter, rubber-covered idler roll, which is can be chilled.