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Machine Listing - Unwinds

IEN 126053
Manufacturer Butler
Diameter 50 inch O.D.
Equipment Class Dual Position Unwind
Type Automatic Splicing
Year (age) 1986
Width 60 inches

  60" Butler automatic Model 6000-660D5 dual position unwind. Zero speed web splicing. Non-stop operation, automatic splicing. 50" OD maximum rolls. 3" air shafts with 6" core adapters. 25-70 lbs. tension range. Vertical traveling accumulator. Butler splicer combines zero speed technology. Simple mechanical layout. Splice preparation is easy & secure because splice is made on non-moving products. No pit required. Model 6000. 60" web width. Age 1986. 5,000 lb. capacity. Maximum speeds up to 2000 FPM. Machine was originally unwinding coated newsprint & other coated papers. Inline with printing press. 10 HP accelerator motor. 208 /230 / 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle. 62" wide idlers throughout. Splicer with 10 HP accelerator motor. Upper & lower edge guiding adjustment left / right approx. 1". Upper & lower nips. Model 6000 splicer is a computer controlled unwind stand with automatic or manual splicing capability. Capable of handling various materials from paper to laminated products. Zero speed splicer because the unwinding roll stops and the web is not moving when the splice joint is made. Computer controlled splice. Model Datamat. Datamat continuously calculates the size of the unwinding roll. When the web is prepared for the splice and the running roll reaches a preset size, Datamat starts the splicing cycle. Splicer breaks the running roll to a stop, seals the incoming web to the running web and severs the expiring roll. Pressure pulls the web from the running roll and completes the splice cycle. When the new running roll speed matches the press speed, the dancer stops and then rises again refilling the accumulator festoon. Datamat automatically monitors & controls the splicer's electrical & pneumatic systems for optimum splice performance and reliability. Datamat system allows value such as speed, caliper, time to splice, auto tension control. Can be used inline with printing presses, sheeters, slitter rewinders, coaters, laminators, business forms printing presses, waxers, paper bag machines and multi-wall paper bag machines are some of the applications.