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Machine Listing - Log Saws

IEN 123741
Model #110
Capacity 100 Cuts / Min
Manufacturer Perini
Equipment Class Tissue Log Saws
Year (age) 1982

  Perini Model 110 logsaw intermittent with circular blade for toilet rolls and/or kitchen towel.  Age 1982.  Designed for 100 cuts per minute for tissue & 50 cuts per minute for towels.  Log diameters from 90mm to 120mm.  Equipped with adjustable blade sharpening system, automatic blade lubrication & various safety features.  Unique indexing mechanism assures accurate cuts & low maintenance.  Power load approx. 11kw. Overall weight approx. 3100kg.  Adjustable blade sharpening, blade lubrication, special indexing drive, quick cutoff changes, proven reliable design.  (2) logsaws available; they are identical.  Pricing is for one of the two units.  This machine was inline with Perini 800 Series rewinder.  Rewinder was operating at approx. 1300 FPM.  Presently set up on 575 voltage, 3 phase, 60 cycle.  A transformer to convert to 230/460 volt can be installed for an additional charge of $3,000. Machine was cutting 103.5" log length 10.79" cutoff 4.17" dia. household toweling.  Capable of cutting both household tissue & household toweling.  7.5 HP AC motor drives blade.  5 HP AC motor drives conveyor & blade head.  13' long infeed conveyor.  2-lane logsaw.  (4) around pushers.  Pushers are presently set up for 109.5" distance between each set of pushers.  5' outfeed conveyor.  Adjustable blade sharpening system.  Blade lubrication system.  Tension control system for tensioning the conveyor chains.  An additional $2,000 to change the cutoff.  An additional $2,000 to change the log length.  There are (2) 1 HP AC grinder motors.  Pusher motor, blade motor, (2) grinder motors & gear head motor for discharge conveyor.  Trim eliminator system built in.  Central oiler for oiling the cutoff blade.  Adjustable blade depth of cut.  Two gears are changed for changing the cutoff of the blade. Adjustable log clamps.