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Machine Listing - Weber Bag Machines

IEN 126120
Type Square Bottom Bags
Equipment Class Paper Bag Machines
Manufacturer Weber
Capacity 200 Bags/Min
Model # 7-ACF

  Weber 7 ACF variable size, SOS, square bottom paper bag machine with 2-color W&H QMS 992 flexographic inline printer. 200 BPM. Specialty bag machine. 14 to 35 lb. bags. 7.75-12” width. 4.5-7” bottom. 14.5-30” tube length. 19.7-30.5cm wide. 11.4-17.8cm bottom. 37-76cm tube length. Production speed 200 bags per minute. Combined basis weight, 140 #. Maximum web width, 39”. Tube length adjustments made through transmission consists of change gear & differential in combination with PIV, provide infinite adjustment & positive setting for any press pull regardless of gear pitch. One 11” SOS former. In the machine is 20” cutoff gear. Rotary cutoff. Air-loaded pull roll. Duplexing unit. Spot paster differential for running adjustment of duplex spot paster while machine is in operation. Bag carrier & pressing unit. Complete with table & sidewise conveyor which shingles bags for easy inspection. Counting arrangement which kicks every 25th bag out of alignment. Draw rolls, air loaded. Cam-operated slitters at former. Side tuck plate quick release, a means of releasing the gusset forming side tuck plates from the former for ease of threading of the paper over the former. Sift-proof web slitting attachment; provides a means for slitting individual plies of paper independently. Thus producing bottom flaps with staggered slits. One differential for each slitting arrangement to enable correction adjustments to be made while the machine is in operation. Variable speed drive. DC digital controller, Control Techniques Model Mentor II. 240 voltage, 3 phase, 50 / 60 cycle. 15 HP Reliance DC drive motor. Two single position detached unwinds, set up for 3” cores. 50” dia. rolls. Braking system. Manual side shifting +/- 1”. 40” W&H QMS 992, 2-color flexographic printing press. Shaft driven off bag machine. 10 pitch gearing. Change gear system. Manual registration. Manual throw off of print decks. 43” wide, 5” dia. rubber roll. 43” wide, 5” dia. chrome anilox roll. Two 6” dia., 42” wide print cylinders are included. After printer, go into cold glue seam glue pot. Has two separate slitting sections for register slitting. One spot glue system for registering glue applied across the web. One Trademark printer. One thumb-notch system. 10 pitch gearing of bag machine. Cold glue bottom pot for applying cold glue to the bottom. Delivering system with shingling table.