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Machine Listing - Duplex Rewinders

IEN 126066
Equipment Class Center Surface Winder
Width 45 in
Diameter 24 in.
Manufacturer Cameron
Year (age) 2003
Model CS-600
Type Duplex

  45" Cameron Model CS600 center surface or automatic minimum gap rewind, duplex slitting & rewinding machine. 3" air cantilevered rewind shafts. Differential rewind, spacerless rewind shafts. Differential, torque & combination winding modes. (4) pneumatic differential rewind shaft assemblies; approx. 10K per shaft. Age 2003. Wrap shear cut slitting. 30mm minimum slit widths. Male & female knives. Driven. (20) sets of shear knives. Attached unwind set up for 24" dia. rolls. 3" shaftless unwind. 1/2 - 1 PLI web tension. DFE model web handler 2. Air brake. Automatic tension control of brake. Load cell, closed loop. Fife electric eye. Fife auto edge guiding. Roll lift on unwind. Kikert driven spreader roll. Differential air shaft rewinding and locked core rewinding or combination of the two rewind modes. Two variable speed AC motors; one motor on bottom knife shaft & draw roll other motor drives both rewind shafts. Very short web path from unwind to the rewind positions. 2 motor drive. Allen Bradley SLC500 PLC. Allen Bradley drive. Allen Bradley 600 touchscreen. Footage or diameter stopping. Peel-off roll on unwind which helps with low tension materials. Job storage in computer; allows you to quickly set parameters and duplicate tension. 24" dia. rewind. 300 FPM. Panelview 600 interface with job memory Allen Bradley PLC & drives. Controls every aspect of rewind tension control when rewinding narrow rolls. Standard touchscreen controls. Machine is typically used for slitting & rewinding sensitive materials, self-adhesive tapes, laminates, coated & plain papers and light board. Key features are narrow slit widths, material is supported to the rewind, minimum distance from shear slitting to rewind stations which allows very narrow slits of sensitive materials, short distance from slit section to rewind arm providing slit strip support, large diameter rewind, cantilevered unloading. Cantilevered rewind shafts stay in the machine. Has automatic contact pressure control. Hydraulic system for smooth minimum gap. Suitable for processing difficult to rewind such as silicone coated products, pressure-sensitive laminates & low tensile strength materials, most self-adhesive tapes, laminates, coated & thin papers. Was slitting lightweight papers, films. Set up for low tension.