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Machine Listing - Duplex Rewinders

IEN 126038
Diameter 24"-28" Rewind Dia.
Model 10,000 HD
Manufacturer Dusenbery
Equipment Class Duplex Slitter Winder
Type Center Rewind
Width 94 inch

  94" Dusenbery Duplex Slitter Rewinder, Model 10,000 HD, Level 2, Center Rewind. Razor & shear slitting. Age 1987. 28" max dia. rewind without layon rolls. 24" dia. rewind when using layon rolls. Air-loaded dual differential rewinding, 4 zone. 1000 FPM mechanical. 96" & 100" wide idlers cork covered. Was slitting film products & metalized films. For slitting flexible packaging, laminations, extensible & non-extensible products. (2) Montalvo 600 Series air clutches; one clutch per rewind position. Detached unwind, Model 824LS shaftless, 6"/10" cores. Max dia. 40". Montalvo automatic tension controller. 10" air-cooled, air-operated brake. Fife automatic edge guide. Pneumatic sensor left & right +/- 6". 100" aluminum cork-covered driven pull rolls & driven idler rolls. Razor slit in air. Ten razor blade holders. 2" minimum slit. (4) sets of rider roll layon arms. Approx. 16 rubber-covered rider roll various widths. Driven bowed roll. (5) 3"differential rewind shafts. Core adapters for 3", 6" & 10" cores on rewind. 480 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase. Dynapar auto footage counter, pre-determined; stops at preset footage. Emerson digital DC drive. Quantum 3 variable speed DC solid-state controller. Emerson 25 HP DC motor. Single motor drive with PIV slowdown of rewind shafts. Rewind reversing drive to rewind over or under. Inspection light after unwind. Kiss shear cut slitting. Dovetail bar for male shear cut knives. (5) sets of male & female knives. Single motor drive with the added benefit of mechanical rewind slowdown. Designed to be tough enough to handle the heavier rewind tensions. Top rider rolls are gravity actuated. Differential rewind air cylinder for applying controlled axial pressure to the mandrels. Slit thin extensible materials with caliper variations as well as high tension film, foil, paper laminates. Finished rolls of consistent quality. Gravity rider rolls provide constant contact by ironing out air between layers of material being rewound. (4) rewind tension zones independently regulated one at each end of each rewind mandrel. System permits a total of (4) different slit widths to be rewound while correct tension on each rewinding roll is maintained. Automatic rewind mandrels speed control, slows down rewind mandrels as roll diameters increase. Machine is in good condition.