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Machine Listing - Rotary Sheeters

IEN 126402
# of Unwinds One (1)
Manufacturer Beck
Type 2-Position
Width 55"
Equipment Class Rotary Sheeter
Speed 300 FPM
Model H
Rolls Six (6)
Diameter 30"
Length 14"-71 Cutoff
Quantity One (1)

  55" Beck Model H Rotary Sheeter. Serial # 2085. 2-Position, Heavy-Duty Unwind Set Up for 30" Dia. Rolls of Material. No Unwind Shafts. Simco Static Eliminator. Variable Speed Drive. Marathon 7.5 HP Hydraulic Drive. Bottom Take-Away Tape Section. PIV Controls Speed of Takeaway Tapes. Standard Beck Cutoff System. Jogger Table. Jogger Table, 61"X55". Machine was Sheeting Paper & Film Products. Mechanical Counter. 4-Roll Decurler. Blade & Roller Decurler. Typical Operating Speed of Beck Sheeter 300 FPM. 14" to 71" Cutoff. Can Sheet Paper, Light Board, Nonwovens, Film & Laminations. Full Width Rubber-Covered Feed Roll. Heavy-Duty Tape Drive. One Pair Turn-Up Guides. Mechanical Counter.Ê