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Machine Listing - Center Surface Winders

IEN 126430
Equipment Class Used Slitter Rewinders
Manufacturer Cameron
Diameter 60" Unw / 60" Rew
Width 62" Web
Model Type 600

  62" Cameron Surface Rewind Slitter Rewinder. Type 600 single shaft simplex rewinder. Model SSU unwind. 1500 FPM operating speed. Age 1977. Model SSUSM unwind. Surface driven unwind. Up to 4,000 lb. rolls. Locked core surface rewinding with counter balance system on the rewind roll. 60" dia. unwind & rewind. Originally slitting .5 to 2 oz. nonwoven fabric. Machine has been used for slitting & rewinding nonwovens products, nonwovens composites, film to nonwoven laminates & spun-bonded products. Belt drive system on the unwind which allows for low tension materials. Shear & score slitting. Automatic weight relieving system on rewinding roll which allows the rewound roll to be rewound & consistent tension maintained from the beginning to the end of the rewound roll. Has been continuously upgraded & updated. Good mechanical condition. Reliance drives & Reliance motors. 2 motor drive. 1 motor on shear cut section & unwind. 1 motor drives bedroll surface roll. PLC program is based on Windows 95 program & is available to be loaded back into the computer. Touchscreen is included in the sale. Slitting section has been updated to include Tidland shear cut. Score slitting done on the surface bedroll. (10) score cut knives. (10) sets of Tidland shear cut knives. Minimum slit width approx. 4". 64" wide, 6" dia. surface bedroll is driven. Rewind shafts are air shafts; they are loaded down pneumatically against the surface bedroll. Pressure can be varied to build tighter or looser rewound rolls. Maximum rewind dia. 60". Includes 3" & 6" shafts on the rewind. Bowed roll to assist with roll separation. Includes roll upender. Red Lion counter. Roll shifting edge guiding on the unwind. Air chucking. Shaftless unwind. Two drive belts for driving the material off of the unwind; loaded down against the roll. Cameron 600 is heavy-duty Simplex rewinder. Has rewind arm counter balance. Nip pressure for rewind section is counter balanced pneumatically with adjustable cam control based on the sum of rewinding roll width. Rewind arm is raised & lowered pneumatically for shaft changes.