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Machine Listing - Wicketted Bags

IEN 126101
Model 50-430-3
Equipment Class Flat Bag Machine
Type Single Ply Bags
Manufacturer Honsel Phoenix
Capacity 500 bags/min

  Honsel Phoenix Model 50-430-3 flat bag, high-speed, striker bar cutoff, pinch bottom, notion & millinery paper bags, variable size, paper bag machine. 1-ply bags. Phoenix Model 50 makes 7-33 lb. bags. Manufacturer’s brochure indicates mechanical speeds up to 500 bags per minute for Phoenix 50. Bag width 7-50cm (2.75-19.7”). Bag length 10-62cm (3.9-24.4”). Tube length 12-65cm (4.7-25.6”). Width of forming drum 20.5”. (8) stations around the drum. 1 or 2 striker bar cutoff. Mechanical counter. Machine includes new AC variable speed drive, 10 HP. New drive & motor will be purchased to buyer’s specifications (i.e. voltage, phase & cycle); will be purchased once machine has been purchased. Single position unwind, 50” dia., floor pickup, air braking, manual side shifting of roll left & right, 3” shaft on unwind. 54” wide unwind stand. Zenith glue pump for applying cold glue to the seam. Machine is set up for lineshaft connection to a printer; no printer is included. Has manual register roll for registering printed paper to the bag machine cutoff. Cold glue bottom glue pot. Age of machine 1970. Machine includes approx. (18) formers. Vertical delivery. Mechanical counter that kicks up one bag at pre-determined count. 10 pitch gearing. Will convert rolls of kraft, sulfates, glassine, specialty papers & laminates into flat bags or flat bags with gussets. Production speeds dependent upon quality of paper, tube length cutoff, operator’s expertise, glues used, whether machine is inline with a printer & environment under which machine is installed.