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Machine Listing - Center Wind Rewinders

IEN 126112
Speed Max 2000 FPM
Capacity 63" W x 31" Diameter
Model # RD 1600
Year (age) 1968
Manufacturer Goebel
Type Center Wind Rewind
Equipment Class Used Slitter Rewinders

  63” Goebel Rapid D Model RD-1600 single shaft, center rewind slitter rewinder. Age 1968. Detached unwind. Manual skew adjustment. 6” air unwind & 6” air rewind shaft. EL automatic edge guiding system with electronic eye sensor for automatic edge guiding the web +/- 3”. Witchita Magnum air brake which is controlled with an EL DCS automatic tension control system. Automatic operation of the brake. Mechanical speed: 200 to 2000 FPM. Elektra Faurndu 10 kw drive motor. 220/380 volt, 50/60 cycle, 3 phase, AC motor, variable speed drive. Tidland shear cut section. Wrap shear slitting. Tidland female knife shaft with air system. Female knives set up for .2” slit. (7) male Tidland Series II shear cut knives. 2” minimum slit width. Foot pedal control for raising rewind shaft. Maximum roll width is 63”. Idlers are 66” wide. Maximum unwind dia. is 50”. Maximum rewind dia. is 31.25”. Heavy-duty, all-purpose machine with center driven rewind shaft. Designed for converting rolls of paper, foil, foil laminates, cloth, plastic, nonwovens, films of uniform thickness, board, pressure-sensitive laminates, tissue, toweling, nonwovens & coated products, etc. Handwheel with brake locking & pedal release control. Raising & lowering of the variable spring loading arrangement. One compensates for the kind of material to be processed by adjusting the pressure of the rewinding roll against the fixed rider roll. Harder or softer rolls are rewound. Other spring arrangement counter balances the weight of the rewinding mechanism and the rewinding shaft. Control tension of the rewinding roll & control rewound roll hardness. Constant web tension. Counter balancing & compensating for the type of the material. Kubler electronic counter. Lenze electric eye. Curtain system. Safety system. Machine includes 63” moisture system to apply water back into the web.