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Machine Listing - Coaters / Laminators

IEN 126425
Equipment Class Coating Tower
Model D11-1182
# of Unwinds One (1)
Rolls Three (3)
Type Vertical
Width 40"
Manufacturer Davron
Speed 6'/Min
Year (age) 2013
Quantity One (1)
Diameter 36"

  40" Davron Vertical Coating Tower. Age 2013. Model D11-1182. Maximum Web Width, 40". (3) Coating Stations. Meter Bars on Adjustable Guide, Manually Set. Edge Guide Prior to Each Coating Station. Edge Guide Upon Oven Exit, Coating Enclosure Exit, Also At Rewind. Unwind / Rewind, Maximum Roll Diameter 36", Maximum Weight 1,500 Lbs. Unwind Tension is Set Manually with Brake, Speed is Regulated Prior to Oven Entry by Driven Roller. Rewind Tension Controlled by PLC, 20 to 120 Lbs. (Load Cells Just Prior to Oven Exit). Maximum Line Speed 6 Feet Per Minute. VFD Controlled Exhaust & Circulation Fans. LEL (CIP) in Coating Enclosure & Top of Oven Chamber. Chilled Roll Option on Third Roll (Top Roll of Third Coating Pass). Powder Applicator Box After Slitting. Tidland Series II Slitting After Oven Exist, Shear Cut. Winding on 3" & 6" Cores with Adapters. Remote Modem Dial-In Diagnostic; Move Line to Remove Switch. Most Recently Using for Fabrics. in Operation. 480 Volts. Was Making Varnished Glass Cloth for Electrical Insulations for Motors. Solvent Coatings. Removal Cost of Tower Done by Rigger is $27,000. Owner Wants Machine to Get Sold.