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Machine Listing - Two Drum Winders

IEN 126810
Width 140" Web
Model Type: 45-15
# of Knives Ten (10) Shear Slitters
Type Shaftless Floor P/U Unwind
Diameter 60" Rewind Dia.
Speed 5000 FPM
Equipment Class Surplus Slitter Rewinder

  140” Jagenberg Vari-Dur Type 45-15 Slitter Rewinder, 140" Web Width, 60” Rewind Diameter, 5000 FPM, Used Finishing / Converting Winder. Jagenberg surface rewinder features: Shaftless 72” diameter Jagenberg Unwind; Slitting section with ten (10) shear slitters; rider roll; water cooled brakes; Hydraulic Edge Guide; Reliance DC Drives; Unloading Table. Also includes some tooling, spare parts, manuals, electrical & mechanical drawings, and chucks for 3”, 5”, 6”, 12” core sizes. The winder was in good operational condition when shutdown.