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Machine Listing - Embossers

IEN 124005
Speed 2000 FPM
Manufacturer PCMC
Model #6878
Equipment Class Embossing System
Width 69"

  69" PCMC matched steel-to-steel embossing system.  Model #6878.  Unit was inline with PCMC 200 Series rewinding line embossing household towel.  Rewinding operating at approx. 1500 FPM.  Mechanical speed 2000 FPM.  Emboss rolls are air loaded from top.  Screw / wedge adjustments between the two rolls.  11.5" dia. rolls.  1:1 ratio for embossing. Face width of rolls 70".  Rolls have matched steel-to-steel pattern & are in good mechanical condition.  Could be used in tissue, toweling & nonwovens products (i.e. wipers or absorb towels).  Emboss pattern can be used to bulk up newsprint for packers' papers.  Most recently embossing household toweling.  Top embossing roll is air loaded down to bottom embossing roll.  Each steel roll has air spray mister. Heavy-duty frame, 3.25" wide.  87.5" distance between frames.  Set up for V-belt pulley to drive this unit.  Two rolls are geared together.  Bearing blocks are 8.5" wide, 8.5" high.  Age mid 1980's.  Emergency brake. Emboss rolls has Green Bay embossing.