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Machine Listing - Rotary Die Cutters

IEN 125946
Equipment Class Die Cutters
Model 71F and F
Manufacturer PMC

  PMC die cutting machine. Model 71F and Model F. Solid design & simplicity of operation. Designed for short run, high output die cutting. Stand alone machine with rapid changeover. Two die cutters are being sold as a package; price is for both machines. Maximum precut size 7.25”x7.25”. Minimum precut size 1.25”x1.25”. Maximum die cut size 7”x7”. Minimum die cut size 1”x1”. Recommended trim is 1/8”, all sides. Stack height, up to 4”. 13 cycles per minute maximum. 3 HP AC motor. Set up for 220/440 voltage, 3 phase, 60 cycle. Typical use is labels, notepads, credit cards, identification tags, postal cards, game cards, 3-way trim & round cornering. Used for materials like paper, plastic, vinyl, mylar & paperboard.