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Machine Listing - Two Drum Winders

IEN 125951
Manufacturer Appleton
Diameter 50" Rew / 90" Unw
# of Knives (19) Shear Slitters
Speed 2500 FPM
Equipment Class Slitter Rewinder
Type Two Drum
Model 125
Width 80 inch

  80” Appleton Model 125, low profile, 2-drum surface rewind, single shaft slitter rewinder. Jagenberg Model DA shaftless floor pickup unwind; heavy-duty capacity. Inclined ramp unwind. Minimum roll width 16”. Maximum roll width 90”. 6” core plugs on unwind. Picks rolls up from the floor and positions rolls. Side shifts each side, left & right. Push-button control for edge guiding +/- 6”. Self-centering unwind. Manual skew adjustment. Maximum roll weight 10,000 lbs. Air-operated, water-cooled brakes. All movements in the unwind are powered by electric motors. Skew roll on slitter. Maximum dia. roll on unwind 90”. Appleton winder has 82” bedrolls, 10.5” OD. Front bedroll is grooved, spiral. Back bedroll is smooth. Jagenberg shear cut slitting section. 19” multi shear bottom slitter sections, 8.25” OD. Locked in place by pneumatic clamping system. (7) Jagenberg male shear cut knives, air-loaded. 4” minimum slit width. Mount Hope, 4” dia. bowed roll; mounted before slitting section. Shear cut slitting section, wrap, shear. (4) 3” aluminum air rewind shafts. 50” dia. rewind. Upper rider roll 6” OD steel, belt driven; mounted on anti-friction bearings. Rider roll assembly is raised & lowered with pneumatic cylinders. These same cylinders are used to load rider roll down or up against the rewinding roll. Has automatic rider roll pressure control relief system which allows for tighter rolls to be rewound and pressure decreases as the diameter of the rewinding roll increases. Core shaft lifting & relieving system; controlled through pneumatic cylinders. This can be done either manually or automatic control. Roll ejector to eject rewound rolls. Nip guard to provide safety. Machine is set up for 50” OD rewind; could be changed to 60” OD rewind for approx. $4,000; two new air cylinders would need to be purchased. Age of slitter rewinder 1969. Motor & drive were installed new approx. 7 years ago. Hitachi variable speed AC controller, Model L300P. 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle. Reliance 30 HP AC motor. Appleton 125 model features low silhouette design for high-speed operation up to 4000 FPM mechanically. Typical operating speed 2500 FPM. Designed for slitting & rewinding papers, coated calenders, papers, embossed products, board, laminations, non-extensible products.