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Machine Listing - Turret Unwind / Rewinders

IEN 126420
Width 52"
Year (age) 2007
Equipment Class Slitter Rewinder
# of Knives Forty Two (42)
Speed 151 Meters/Min
Type Dual Turreted
Rolls One (1)
Quantity One (1)
Manufacturer Changzhoy Yongsheng Packing Company
Diameter 30"
# of Unwinds One (1)
Model YS-F1311

  52" Turreted Adhesive Tape Slitter Rewinder, Dual Turreted, Year 2007. Manufactured by Changzhoy Yongsheng Packing Company Limited. Model YS-F1311; 1300mm Width. Unwinding Diameter, 30". Maximum Line Speed, 150 Meters Per Minute. 6" Diameter Rewind. Power Requirement, 380/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 50 or 60 Cycle. Machine is Designed for Slitting & Rewinding Tapes. Dual Turreted. (4) Rewind Shafts for Semi-Automatic Operation. Variable Speed Drives. 3-Stage Counter. Automatic Deceleration and Stop At Preset Length. Unwinding Tension. Air Brake. Winding Tension, Automatic. 3" Cores on Unwind & Rewind. Minimum Slit Width, 12mm. Includes Core Loading System Which is Matched with the Tape Slitter to Load & Unload the Paper Cores to Improve Efficiency. Core Loader is Model YS-L1301, Serial # L20070102. Machine has 63.5mm Width Change Parts Installed for the Core Loading System. Includes with It Core Loading for the Following Width Cores: 50mm, 50.8mm, 64.5mm, 75mm, 76.2mm & 101.6mm. Machine has Had Drives Updated. All U.S. Drives, Allen Bradley. Tape Slitter Rewinds to a Preset Length, Stops, Rotates Turret, Operator Manually Cuts the Web and Attaches Ends to Cores That Are Already in the Machine on Rewind Shaft, Starts to Rewind, Removes the Finished Product, Start Rewinding While Removing the Finished Product and Re-Coring the Shaft. Machine Can be Shown At Warehouse Turning Over Electrically / Mechanically. Allen Bradley Powerflex 700 Drives. Set Up on 380 / 460 Volt, 3 Phase, 50 or 60 Cycle. Idlers in Machine Are 55" Wide, 3" Diameter, Aluminum & Steel Idlers. (1) 3" Air Unwind Shaft. (12) 3" Differential Rewind Shafts. Single Position Unwind; Manual Side Shifting. Air Brake. Rubber-Covered Pull Roll Section, Air-Loaded. Knurled Steel Teflon Coated Idlers. Air-Loaded Score Cut Slitting Section. (21) Sets of Score Cut Knives. .5" Wide Slits. Driven Wrap Shear Section with (21) Male / Female Knives; Allows .5" Wide Slits. One Drive Motor Drives the Pull Roll and the Slitting. Second Drive Motor Drives Rewind Shafts. Third AC Motor Rotates the Turret. Conch Counter. Includes Two Trim Rewinders & Bowed Roll Which is Rubber-Covered; Assists with Separation of the Rewinding Rolls.