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Machine Listing - Two Drum Winders

IEN 126134
Model 10 FSRS
Type Surface Winder
Size 60" Width x 50" Diameter
Equipment Class Slitter Rewinders

  60” Johnstone Model 10 FSRS, heavy-duty design, single shaft, 2-drum surface rewind slitter rewinder. Johnstone shaftless floor pickup detached unwind. 72” dia. rolls on unwind, shaftless. 3” Double E mechanical chucks. Hydraulic cylinder mounted in the floor, lifts roll up, elevates roll to unwind position. Model SP, Serial # 24850-B unwind. (2) Montalvo, 12” air-cooled brakes. Automatic controlling of brake. Relatively new Montalvo Model HD automatic tension controller with tension roll. Self-centering of unwinding roll. Has electric motor, push-button control for in / out of unwind arms. Fife automatic edge guiding system; moves entire unwind +/- 3”. Has pneumatic sensor. (1) skew roll on unwind. (2) 64” wide, 6.25” dia. steel idlers. 64” wide bedrolls, 9.5” dia. bedrolls. Bedrolls are smooth, chrome-plated. Upper rider roll is driven, 64” wide, 5.375” dia. Solid-steel rider roll. Rider roll is counter-balanced which allows automatic weight relieving of the rider roll against the rewinding roll. As the diameter of the roll increases, the weight of the rider roll is less on the rewinding roll. Control of rider roll helps to rewind tight rolls. Push-button control to lift the rider roll up off of the rewinding roll. Rewind shaft chucking. (2) 3” aluminum lightweight rewind shafts, 3” cores. Tangential shear cut slitting. (9) male Dienes air-loaded shear cut knives and (9)female back shear cut knives which are driven. 3” minimum slit width. Rubber-covered bowed roll system, located after shear cut slitting, before rewinding. Can vary the position; it is adjustable, which helps with roll separation when rewinding. 50” dia. rewind. All idlers throughout the machine mounted in bearings. 3000 FPM operating speed. Has replaceable weighs. Mechanical weighted control of the rewind shaft for picking up of rewinding roll as diameter of roll increases. Variable speed drive, Louis Allis Ajusto Speed Model 7. 460 voltage, 3 phase, 60 cycle. 30 HP AC motor. Model 10 is heavy-duty design. High-speed machine. This machine most recently was being used for slitting & rewinding coated papers, newsprint, board, up to 40 pt. Was at general paper converter. Because the bedrolls are 9.5” diameter, machine can slit lightweight materials at high speeds and can slit weight board.