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Machine Listing - Duplex Rewinders

IEN 126317
Model 635
Manufacturer Dusenbery
Width 64"
Diameter 21"-24" Rewind
Type Duplex Center Wind
Equipment Class Used Slitter Rewinder

  64” Dusenbery Model 635, duplex, center rewind, differential rewind, slitter rewinder. Designed to handle a wide range of materials, acetates, cellophane, polyester, polypropylene, PVC, paper, foil, laminates, label stock, pressure-sensitives & nonwovens. (4) rewind tension zones. Differential rewinding for uniform roll density rewind. (12) sets of rubber rider rolls. Top rider rolls assist with off-gauge stretchy materials. Has attached intregal unwind stand. Unwind set up for 6” cores. Unwind shaft. 22” diameter rolls on unwind. Automatic Fife edge guiding system with pneumatic sensor for automatically controlling +/- 3” movement. 6” air-operated brake. Adjustable bowed roll before razor slit section. Razor slitting in grooved roll. (10) razor holders. Rewind tension control, air-operated. Anti-friction bearings throughout. 3” differential rewind shafts. Has adaptors for 6” cores on rewind. 21” diameter rewind with top rider rolls. If top rider rolls are not used, 24” diameter rewind. 5/8” minimum slit width. Single motor drive. Reliance variable speed DC Maxpak drive with 7.5 HP DC motor. 230 voltage, 60 cycle, 3 phase. Dynapar counter.