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Machine Listing - Duplex Rewinders

IEN 126314
Year (age) 1990
Manufacturer Dusenbery
Type Duplex Center Wind
Width 62"
Equipment Class Used Slitter Rewinder
Model 10,000-24L-1
Diameter 24" Rewind

  62” Dusenbery 10,000-24L-1, duplex, center rewind with lift-out rewind mandrels. Age 1990. Serial # 59053. 64” wide idlers throughout. 24” diameter rewind when using rider rolls. 26” diameter rewind when not using rider rolls. (12) rubber layon rolls. Driven shear cut slitting. Tangential shear. (12) female knives & (7) male knives. 2” minimum slit width. (2) differential rewind shafts, set up for 3” cores. Has adaptors for 6” cores on rewind. 4-zone differential rewind. Timing-belt drives. No gears. Attached unwind stand. Machine is designed for a large number of narrow cuts. Handles wide range of materials, acetates, cellophanes, polyester, polypropylene, PVC, paper, foil, laminates, label stock, insulation materials & nonwovens. (4) rewind tension zones, independently regulated. Machine is good for rewinding extensible, stretchy films with gauge variation. Each rewind position has a clutch which allows for locked core rewinding. Top rider rolls eliminate trapped air. Winding can be performed clockwise or counter-clockwise, with or without rider rolls. Rider rolls are gravity controlled. Fife automatic edge guide system. +/- 2” side register. Reliance motor & drive. Model 863CB unwind. Reversing rewind drive. Unwind has 3” air unwind shaft, set up for 40” diameter rolls. Dusenbery 10,000 machine is designed to be able to accept accessories from Dusenbery 635. Model 10,000 is an updated Dusenbery 635. Dynapar counter.