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Machine Listing - Embossers

IEN 125945
Model 1110 Tipo
Equipment Class Embosser Laminator
Width 104 inch
Year (age) 1984
Manufacturer Perini

  104” Perini double embosser. Model 1110 Tipo. Serial # 2384. Age 1984. Two steel-to-rubber embossing stations. Pattern of emboss is the same on the two steel rolls. Steel embossing rolls are 106” wide. 12.5” dia. rolls. Rubber emboss rolls are 106” wide and 13.25” dia. 3-roll glue applicating station for applying glue to one of the webs. Three rolls make up the coating station. First roll is rubber roll that is in the pan. First pickup roll is 11.125” dia. Next roll is chrome, 10.25” dia. Next roll is rubber applicator roll that applies glue to the web; roll is 9.375” dia. All rolls 106” wide. Has laminating roll, marrying roll which laminates two webs together. Glue is applied to one of the two webs. Has one bowed roll & dancer assembly. Missing idler roll on assembly. Embosser was inline with a PCMC 150 Series winder. Operating speed up to 1500 FPM. Was embossing household towel. Constant rotating motor on glue station. Pans & covers for the glue applicating station. Air brake & emergency stop. Steel embossing rolls are in very good condition. This type of embosser is referred to as nested pillow embosser. Typically used for household towel rolls, industrial rolls & other specialty embossed products. Product is improved to give soft, bulky, cloth-like feel. High liquid absorption rate. Better retention of embossing after rewinding or packaging & handling. Typically product is 2-ply adhesive bonded using low cost Dextrines or P.V.A.’s. The 2-ply construction allows reducing basis weight resulting in large savings in material costs. The engraved roll maintenance is substantially reduced since the steel rolls are being used with rubber rolls. Combining of the two webs, takes place downstream by the laminating marrying roll.