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Machine Listing - Coaters / Laminators

IEN 126115
Equipment Class Roll Lab Coater
Capacity 16" Width
Year (age) 1991
Type Cantelevered Roll Design
Manufacturer Kroenert
Speed 30 M/min

  16” Kroenert lab coater. Model Labco. Serial # 120-33020. Age 1991. Originally designed for lab coating EB coatings, waterbased; EB system was removed. Roll-to-roll coater for lab applications. Speeds up to 30 meters per minute. Has been coating most recently papers & laminations. 12” dia. rolls on unwind & rewind. 3” cores. Air shafts. Unwinds & rewinds are cantilevered design. Center rewinder. Compact, solid design with self-contained drive unit. Coating head has 3-motor drive with individual roller settings. Adjustable tension control between the coating head & rewind. Cooling roll before rewind. Cooling roll can be heated. Veritron variable speed DC controller. Model Stromrichter converter. Set up on 380 volt, 3 phase, 50 or 60 cycle. Drive motors are ABB. Width of idler rolls throughout, 19.75”. Air-braking system with manual control. 7” dia. ceramic coated pickup roll which could be heated with manually engaged open doctor blade assembly. This roll is stationary. Next is 6.1” dia. rubber transfer roller and third roll is chrome-covered, 7” dia. impression roll that is air-loaded into the rubber roll. Has screw adjustment. 2-roll coater with gravure application. Pickup roll that sits in pan, pan-fed coatings, water-based. Transfers coating to rubber roller. Coating is then applied to the web. Has rubber laminating / pull roll section which is air-loaded against the impression roll. Ceramic pickup roll is set up to allow heating. Machine was being used for coating papers, films.