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Machine Listing - Core Cutters

IEN 126427
Equipment Class Single Knife Cutter
Quantity One (1)
# of Knives Three (3)
Width 60"
Manufacturer Lever
Diameter 14"
Model 500

  60" Lever Model 500 Single Knife Cutter. Shaft, 2.5" with Adapter. 3" ID Cores. Machine Includes a Couple of Extra Blades. Main Motor, Grinder Motor & Spindle Motor All Work. Machine is Set Up on 230 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle. Maximum OD Roll, 14". HasMechanical Chuck to Hold Rolls in Place. Lever 500 is Set Up as an Automatic Cutter. Blade Mister Lubrication. Independent Chuck Drive Motor. Carriage is Moved by Separate Gear Motor. Knife has Separate Motor. Machine is Set Up for 55" Wide Web & Rolls for 14" Diameter. Typically Used for Tape Products. HasLubrication Tank. Machine Motors have Been Cycled & Work. Relays and Limit Switches have Not Been Repaired or Fixed. Machine Needs to be Gone Through.