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Machine Listing - Center Wind Rewinders

IEN 126418
Diameter 60"
Width 36"
Rolls Six (6)
Type Inspection Rewinder
Year (age) 1991
# of Knives Six (6)
Manufacturer Richmond Industrial
# of Unwinds Six(6)
Quantity One (1)
Equipment Class Slitter Rewinder

  36" Richmond Industrial, Single Position, Center Rewind Slitter Rewinder. Also Used As Inspection Rewinder. Age 1991. Machine is Comprised of Unwind, Inspection Station, Shear Cut Slitting Station & Center Rewinder. Former Owner was Unwinding, Inspecting and Slitting & Rewinding. Used as an Inspection Machine and Also Used as a Slitter Rewinder for Papers, Laminations, Printed & Unprinted Products. Single Position Unwind, 60" Diameter Rolls. (1) 3" Leaf Air Unwind Shaft. (2) 6" Chucks. 12" Montalvo Air Brake System. CMC Kidder Cleveland Automatic Tension Control System; Controls Brake. Electro Pneumatic Tension Controller. 0 Ð 200 Lbs. Fife Automatic Edge Guiding System. Air Sensor. Model P25 Hydraulic Unit. +/- 3" Stroke. Automatic Edge Guiding of Unwind. 38" Wide, 5.85" Diameter Aluminum Idler Rolls. (2) S-Wrap Rolls, Rubber-Covered. 48" Wide Inspection Light System; Approximately (14) Lamps. After Inspection System, Tangential Tidland Shear Cut Section. Female Knife Shaft is Driven. (3) Tidland Series C Class II Male Shear Cut Knife Holders. (3) Tidland Bottom Knives, 40mm Wide. Typically Used for Trimming the Edges, Slitting Once in the Middle or Slitting & Producing (4) Rolls. After Shear Cut Section, Artech Bowed Roll, Fixed Bow, 6.3" Diameter. Next is Center Rewinder, 60" Diameter Rolls, 3" Nimcor Leaf-Style Air Rewind Shaft with 6" Core Plug Adaptors. Center Rewinder. Air-Loading of Layon Roll Assembly Which Lays on Top of the Rewinding Roll. HasCounterweight System. Allows Control of Down Pressure of the Rider Roll on the Rewinding Roll to Build Tighter Rolls on Rewind. 4500 Lb. Rolls on Unwind & Rewind. Center Rewinder. HasVariable Speed Drive. Center Rewinder. Fincor Digital DC Motor Control. 460 Volt, 60 Cycle, 10 HP Fincor DC Motor. Controls on Cabinet Are Layon Roll on / off, Wind Under and Wind Over; Can Reverse the Rewind Direction. Constant Line Speed Winder to Increase Speed; Need to Change Gearbox. Gearbox is 10 to 1 Ratio. Can Increase Operating Speed by Changing Gearbox. HasAdjustable Variable Speed Drive. Includes Loading / Unloading Forks. ThisMachine was Rewinding Paper, Laminations & Board. Machine is in Very Good Mechanical Condition.