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Machine Listing - Doctor Winders

IEN 126771
Equipment Class Web Inspection Winder
Manufacturer Duncan Technologies
Year (age) 2001
Width 88" Web

  88” Web Inspection Machine. Age 2001. Model # DT1004-01. Manufacturer: Duncan Technologies. 91" Width Idlers, 4” diameter. 24" Diameter Capacity, Single Position Unwind & Single Position Center Rewind, set up for 3” cores with 4” adapters. Controls are air brake pressure, electronic edge guiding, pneumatic core loading. 230 volt, single phase. Overhead inspection light. Back board inspection light. Back brake, front clutch, back clutch, front brake, drive forward & reverse. Red Lion counter. Tail out sensor. Counter can be run on manual or automatic. Sprint drive, DC, single phase, 230 volt, single motor, variable speed. Includes manual. Manufacturer of edge guide is EL. Model 3600XRI, single phase, DC motor controller. Gemini 4100 6-digit preset counter. Speeds, 10 to 20 yards per minute. Single position unwind. Single position rewind. Machine is reversible. Textile inspection winder. Has 10” stroke on edge guiding system. Unwind & rewind will accept 24” diameter rolls. Pneumatic chucking. Double E chucks. Shaftless design for unwind & rewind. Can vary the web width. Unwind has manual chucking. Air brake. Air clutch. EL edge guide system with electric eye. Air-loaded chucking on rewind. Inspection light above & behind material. Foot pedal control for start / stop. Adjustable S-wrap tension bar assembly. Each unwind / rewind position has a clutch & brake which allows the machine to operate back & forth. Machine is in excellent mechanical condition. Operator’s manual, electrical diagrams, prints. Can be shown in operation.