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Machine Listing - Coaters / Laminators

IEN 126117
Equipment Class Gravure Coater
Manufacturer Inta-Roto
Year (age) 2001
Type 3-Roll Coating Station
Model Rotocoater
Capacity 64" Width

  64” Inta-Roto 3-roll cartridge Rotocoater coating station. Has the capability of being run as direct gravure, differential direct gravure, reverse gravure, offset gravure, differential and/or reverse offset. Age of coater 2001. Serial # N-8804. 3-motor drive. Baldor motors, DC, 15 HP. No controllers. Set up on 240 voltage. Maximum web width 64”. Idler rolls are 66” wide. Has tension roll, skew roll & dancer roll. Enclosed Rotocoater doctor blade assembly. Can apply water-based or solvent-based coatings. Was applying water-based coatings most recently. Coating station has 66” wide, 12” dia. chrome-coated gravure roll with Inta-Roto enclosed doctor blade assembly. 66” wide, 12” dia. rubber transfer roll. 66” wide, 10” dia. chrome impression roll which is air-loaded into the transfer roll. Gravure roll is hydraulically raised into the transfer roll. Has stainless steel drip pan. Gravure roll, transfer roll & impression roll all have (3) 15 HP motors. Owner of coating station also installed heating system to heat the gravure roll; it was important in the coating application to maintain temperature of the gravure roll; so this roll would be heated sometimes in the morning. Inta-Roto gravure cartridge system was installed in an IDC meyer rod air knife cartridge stand. Included with the gravure station is IDC meyer rod coating air knife stand which was designed for 1500 FPM. (5) spare gravure rolls. (1) chrome backing roll. (2) rubber sleeves for transfer roll. Drawing & component description is available upon request.