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Machine Listing - Duplex Rewinders

IEN 126204
Manufacturer Stanford
Capacity 31" Width x 30" Diameter
Type Cantilevered
Year (age) 1988
Equipment Class Slitter Rewinders
Model 336C Duplex

  31” Stanford Model 336C duplex, cantilevered rewind, center rewind slitter rewinder. Age 1988. Unwind roll diameter is 30”. Rewind roll diameter is 30”. Maximum web speed is 750 FPM. Maximum parent roll weight is 1,100 lbs. Two pneumatic rewind shafts to accommodate 3” & 6” cores. 3” rewind shafts. Spacerless differential. 6” rewind shafts. Locked core rewinding, air shafts. Maximum rewind tension at core, 3 lbs. per inch. Minimum PLI, 1.3125. Transducer to control tension & display actual web tension. (2) layon rolls provided. Wrap shear slitting & razor slitting in grooved roll. Top & bottom shear knife shafts are driven. Razor slitting in grooved back up roll; grooves 1mm. Machine includes Welco winder drives to accommodate trim rewinding, 2.5” to 3” wide. Set up for 3” cores on trim rewinding. Detached unwind, shaftless, pneumatic chucking. Montalvo air brake. Auto tension control. Automatic web guiding, Fife A-9. Electro-hydraulic power unit. Ultrasonic sensor. Static control bar. One 3” air unwind shaft. Has pneumatic chucks for 6” cores. Splice board. Heavy-duty side frames. Anti-friction bearings throughout. Rolls balanced for 1,000 FPM. Drive rolls, black, neoprene covered & idlers anodized aluminum. Drive section consists of (2) rubber-covered driven pull rolls. Regenerative braking in drive to prevent overhaul. 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle. Machine designed for cleanroom specifications. Reliance electric. 600 lbs. maximum on rewind. Automatic tension control. 5 HP main drive motor. Two winder motors, one per rewind position, 3 HP. 1” minimum slit width. (10) sets of male shear cut knives. (30) sets of female shear cut knives. (12) razor blade holders. Machine includes spares. Very good mechanical condition. Original owner paid approx. $500,000 for machine when purchased new. Program is not in the machine; would need to purchase program from Stanford. Manuals are included in the sale.