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Machine Listing - Weber Bag Machines

IEN 126316
Type Electronic Eye / Pasted Bottoms
# of Unwinds Two (2)
Size Variable Sizes
Capacity 200 Bag/Min
Equipment Class SOS Bag Machine
Model 5-ACN
Manufacturer Weber

  Weber 5ACN Variable Size SOS Paper Bag Machine. Can make 2-ply, duplex, wet-bond laminations. Specialty bags. Sift-proof or make 1-ply bags. EMP electric eye system for pre-printed paper. Synchronize pre-printed paper with the cutoff when converting pre-printed rolls. Former owner operating speed on 2-ply bags, 100 per minute. Speed is dependent upon number of plies, glue used, operator skill, size of bag, quality of paper & film and the environment. (2) attached unwinds, 50" diameter rolls. Manual edge guide. Manual band brake. 3" unwind shafts. (2) register razor slitting stations. Can stagger the slitting of the two webs which helps to create siftproof bags. Allows slitting of two webs independently. (1) register gluing station. Glue can be applied across the web. Interply paster spot glue. Cold glue seam pot. Uses water-based, cold glues. 3 to 16 lb. bags & 1 kilo bag. Bag width 4.25Ó Ð 7.75Ó. Bag bottom 2.25Ó Ð 4.875Ó. Tube length 10.25Ó Ð 21Ó. 108 - 210mm width. 57 - 124mm bottom. 260 - 535mm tube length. Bag making most recently: 3.75" bottom, 7" wide, 17.25" tube length, 14.25" bag length. (3) formers; 5.5", 6.5" & 7" wide formers. Modern, like-new Emerson Quantum MP DC variable speed drive. Set up for 480 / 600 voltage, 3 phase, 60 cycle. 20 HP Control Technique motor. Has conveyor delivery. Manufacturer's brochure indicates mechanical speeds up to 200 bags per minute. Combined basis weight up to 120 lbs. Paper width up to 26.25". Machine weighs 15,500 lbs. Upgraded flexo style bottom glue / paste section. Central lubrication oiler & Harvel oiler. Thumbnotch attachment with thumb tab removal system. Extensive guarding. Upgraded bottom closing section. Cam operated slitters at former. Upgraded air-loaded plasma-coated pull rolls. Serrated cutoff. Upgraded EMP electric eye system. Upgraded motor & drive. Upgraded spacerless, shimless bottom opening cylinder system. 8332D-2, new lower scoring cylinder assembly. Updated drum finger spider. Updated, improved former side tuck disc assembly. Machine has had many upgrades over the years and is in good/very good mechanical condition. Has many new gears. Former owner spent over $20,000 within past 5 years on upgrades & gearing.