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Machine Listing - Duplex Rewinders

IEN 126076
Equipment Class Center Wind Slitter
Model 635 AL
Diameter 32" Unw / 24" Rewind
Speed 500 FPM
Capacity 54" Max Width
Manufacturer Dusenbery

  54" Dusenbery Model 635 AL duplex center wind slitter rewinder. 54" maximum web width. Equipped with attached unwind which will accept 32" diameter rolls of material. Unwind equipped with (1) air shaft set up for 3" cores. Brake system is Wichita low inertia brake, approx. 9" diameter air-cooled, air operated, manual adjustment. GWD web, aligner edge guiding system for edge guiding unwinding roll automatically. First two rolls after unwind are also shifted. All idlers throughout machine are rubber-covered, 59" wide. Equipped with razor blade slitting. (5) razor knives included. 2" Minimum slit width. Grooved razor roll set up for .025" wide grooves. Maximum rewind diameter 24". 2 Zone differential load is provided on one side of each rewind shaft. Total of (2) separate zones, air loaded. Single motor drive, 7.5 HP Reliance DC drive motor. No controller for motor. Rewind positions are timing belt driven from main motor. Pull rolls & slitter section are driven by main drive motor. Mechanical speed 500 FPM. All rolls on machine are balanced for 500 FPM. No rewind shafts. Designed for (2) rewind tension zones simultaneous for separate rewind tension controls. Differential rewinding for uniform rewound roll density; uses unique proven system of cores & spacers on each rewind mandrel. Handles a wide range of materials. It winds acetate, butyrate, cellophane, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, triacetate, PVC & many other film products. Winds paper, foil, laminates, label stock, insulation material, reconstituted tobacco, pressure sensitives, nonwovens & many other products with virtually almost any material. Designed for low maintenance & reliability. Anti-friction ball bearing construction throughout.