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Machine Listing - Two Drum Winders

IEN 126074
Capacity 12" - 42" Rewind
Diameter 72" Unwind Belt Driven
Model Langston AA
Equipment Class Embossing - Slitter Rewind
Width 72" Width
Manufacturer Langston
Type Tissue Converting Equipment
Speed 1200-1500 FPM

  72” Langston Model AA 2-drum surface rewind, single shaft, slitter rewinder. PCMC belt-driven unwind, shaftless. Air chucking. Belt driven from below. Two belts. 72” dia. rolls. Auto tension control with Foxboro power positioner dancer controlled. Woods variable speed sheave. Lineshaft connections of unwind to the slitter rewinder. Machine has been used to slit & rewind hand toweling & nonwovens materials. Upper rider roll had air cylinder installed to allow the operator to lift the rider roll more quickly. Restricts rewind diameter to 12” in approx. 60 minutes. Could remove air cylinder and change back to 42” dia. rewind. 74” bedrolls, 8” dia. Front bedroll is Chevron grooved. (2) 2” aluminum rewind shafts. (3) 2.5” aluminum rewind shafts. Shear cut. (9) male knives. (10) female knives. 1” minimum slit width. Typical operating speed 1200 to 1500 FPM. Bowed plate with fingers for spreading the material after it has been slit & before it is rewound. Mount Hope adjustable bowed rolls, 6” dia.; set up before slitting section. Driven rider roll; helps provide tight start. Counter weight system which allows varying the amount of downward pressure of the rider roll against the rewinding roll. As the diameter of the roll increases, the weight of the rider roll is decreased. Top rider roll is raised & lowered presently with air cylinder. Also has ability to be raised & lowered by hand. 74” wide rider roll, 4” dia. Desired degree of roll hardness is obtained by varying the counter weights. DC variable speed drive. Polyspede Model FHP-251 solid-state controller; approx. 7 year old controller. 25 HP Reliance DC motor. 460 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase. Heavy-duty 2-drum surface rewinder. Can be used for paper, nonwovens, board, non-extensible products, tube & core stock, food board, envelopes, industrial laminations, kraft paper & cup stock. Most recently being used as hand towel machine for rewinding kraft.